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Gujaratilexicon in Media


Divya Bhaskar, the leading Gujarati daily, carried an article on Gujaratilexicon on Wednesday Dec 17, 2008. Author Himanshu Kakani has written a very informative and interesting article on Gujaratilexicon. The article is already being circulated amongst the Gujarati groups on the internet. 

Janmabhoomi, another leading Gujarati daily, carried an article on the importance of Gujaratilexicon. Shri Vipoolbhai Kalyani is at his best when he  stresses the need for the society to back this project. 

Its quite amazing to note how Gujaratilexicon appears again and again in the news. I guess this speaks for the importance of the great work of visionary Shri R P ChandariaMagnet Technologies’ Gujaratilexicon Team is proud to be a volunteer in this great movement!


Divya Bhaskar Article

Janmabhoomi Article

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