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Coming Soon : Gujaratilexicon On Mobile

Today’s Times of India carries the interesting news of the GujaratiLexicon’s Mobile Plans…Here is the article…Special Thanks to Ashish Vashi….

AHMEDABAD: A vast Gujarati language resource will soon be available on a mobile phone application. The group developing the application has already put online the Bhagawat Gomandal ( Gujarati encyclopedia) and the Gujarati Lexicon, a language compendium that has scores of tools like translator and thesaurus.

The group will make all those services available on the mobile phone application so that they can be used on the go.

Features like Gujarati dictionaries, proverbs, and idioms will be available on the application without any charge. “One can solve Gujarati crosswords, take quick quizzes and play games on all new-age smart phones,” said Ashok Karania, the facilitator of the Gujarati Lexicon. “The application will be helpful to the new generation, especially the NRGs. The project is now in its last phase and we will make it available in three months.”

Karania said the application could be used on mobile devices, smart phones, tablets, and smart TVs. “The Gujarati Lexicon team has ensured that Gujarati language tools and technologies are compliant with the latest trends,” he said.

The team faced many challenges during its mission. “The biggest challenge was to make the service compatible with all mobile devices,” Karania said. “We had to rearrange the database of the lexicon, which contains millions of words.”

The Gujarati Lexicon team is working on other interesting projects as well. After digitizing Gujarat Vidyapith’s Sarth Dictionary and Bhagwad Gomandal, Gujarati Lexicon presented Lok Kosh – a dictionary recording popular words in current usage. The team is also working on specialized dictionaries for medical and legal disciplines.

Gujarati Lexicon aims to preserve, popularize and develop Gujarati language through the power of information technology.

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