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Do We Need More Terror Attacks To Act?

The recent attacks on India’s Financial Capital and India clearly prove a few things:

– we are helpless

– we are indifferent

– we expect politicians to act

The audacity of attacks and the regularity of terror strikes has not moved us yet. We will enjoy today’s holiday, make few calls to check the safety of friends and then go back to daily life.

Lives of innocent people have been lost. Lives of brilliant officers have been sacrificed. 

I heard a few comments that some foreigners have been affected this time and hence Government will act. Do we foreign government to pressurize us to act? Are Indian lives cheaper?

Will we make our representatives accountable and force them to act? We are not passing the buck to them. Everyone has a role to play and we have chosen them for protecting country’s interests. Let us ask questions and be more demanding. 

Will the next elections bring us Change? Or do we need more terror attacks?

2 Responses

  1. I do not think anything will change. People around the world will condemn attacks and then life will be as usual till the time next attack is unleashed. We need to learn something from the UK & the US. They have managed to keep the terror network subdued and underground. It does not mean that terror doesn’ t exist in these countries but they have managed it well. I heard the conversation of the two terrorist on India TV; Shah Dullah and Imran Babar; both of them had been radicalise to the extreme extent. They are relating Babri Masjid and Godhra incidents to the current attacks in Mumbai. But does Islam preach killing of innocents for the wrong doings of others? I do not think so. All religions promote peace and harmony and people are commercialising themselves by inducing and radicalising youths in the name of religion. When will all this stop? What role we civilians can play?

  2. Wrong. Islam has always encouraged violence and jehad, its in root of it. I am tired of this hearing again and again and I think things like Wednesday movie will only stop this.

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