The Global Wealth Pyramid
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The Global Wealth Pyramid

I recently came across the Credit Suisse Report on Global Wealth Pyramid. It confirms lot of existing knowledge – it gives us exact statistics.

Less than 1% of world’s populations controls nearly 40% of world’s wealth !
Less than 10% of world’s populations controls more than 80% of world’s wealth !

Interesting indeed…

Read the full report…

The Global Wealth Pyramid made see some change in the next few decades…I definitely see that the Indian Middle Class is growing by leaps and bounds. It represents the great opportunity for the whole world. The next big opportunity is in Africa. China is already investing in Africa to take advantage of that opportunity. China is rising faster and quicker. The dragon vs elephant debate maybe soon over….

But what is progress? What is wealth? It means different things to different individuals. These terms cannot be defined by GDP figures alone. Civilization and countries need to redefine these terms for creating a sustainable, tolerant, peaceful, compassionate and humane society !

  1. On an unprecedented scale around the world, there is a sense of receding hope for future prospects. Gallup polling data in 2011 reveal that, globally, people perceive their living standards to be falling, and they express diminishing confidence in the ability of their government to reverse this trend. Their discontent is exacerbated by the starkness of income disparities: the poorest half of the global population owns barely 1% of the global wealth, while the world’s top 1% owns close to half of the world’s assets.

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