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Stop Them!

Every Indian knows the undying love Indian politicians have for India. Everyone knows the great work done by them for India. Till date, they have not contributed to the development of the nation. They have only been roadblocks. And now, they are blaming others for their failure!

Former Prime Minister Deve Gowda criticized Infosys Chairman Narayan Murthy for the dismal infrastructure of Bangalore. He also accused Infosys of grabbing agricultural land. Not fair!

First, it is the duty of the government to provide infrastructure. What are the initiative taken by Shri Deve Gowda in this regard?

Second, Infosys has done phenomenal service to India. Not only have they put India on the International Map and created a entire new industry, they have created wealth and jobs for Indians. Deve Gowda should be thanking Narayan Murthy for making Banagalore a international IT hotspot.

Third, Infosys also has taken active involvement for improving Banagalore City. Their proactive cooperation with Government resulted in BATF, a role model for everyone. Incidentally Shri Deve Gowda’s coalition Government has put it on the back burner. And now they think about improving Bangalore City.

Shri Deve Gowda was one of the ineffective PM of the country. Press photographers got ample opportunity for that special Kodak moment : Sleeping PM! He is following the sadist principle: When you cannot do anything on your own, to prove your importance, you start criticizing others and be a roadblock. That is how you get power. Their best idol : Indian Left!

It is a pity that we Indians do not act. Bangalore Citizens should have raised the voice when Bangalore Task Force was silently buried. Mumba Citizens made usual noises after 26/7, but then no action! We need to stop these politicans. They are disempowering India!

Note : Like any self-respecting person, Narayan Murthy has resigned from BIAL. Check his letter to CM on Rediff