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Standard Chartered IT Continues To Surprise!

Last Month, I faced a very surprising issue with Standard Chartered. I was using their Online Banking for my credit card for nearly one year. Suddenly it stopped working. When I called the customer care department, I was told that there is no Online Banking Service for my Credit Card. WoW. What was I doing for one year? My loan account also did not exist? Wow ! No need to pay back. Who is taking those EMIs?

The customer care executive do not listen. They have ‘Care’ in designation but do not care. I gave up my argument and simply asked for a new online banking service and a password. One month passed and today I called them. They had some IT Problem and they will issue it later. However, when I checked, I found that the mobile number and email number with them was all incorrect. How did it happen? God Knows ! I hope there is no virus with Standard Chartered System !

Pray – The only choice !

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  2. Holy.

    “Customer Care” should be banned word nowadays..