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Shame On Us!

NSG Commandoes, Snipers and Police gave their lives. With outdated equipment, laughable protection, no social security and loads of courage, they protected us. And what has Government done? Last month, Government was questioning their salary hikes? Bureaucrats got more money…not the people who are fighting for the nation…and losing lives because of the indecisiveness and rotten thinking of country’s political leaders.

Shame on us! Shame on us for choosing them. Shame on us for allowing them to continue in their offices. 

Why does India continue to have attacks?  Where is the professionalism to deal with such attacks? What kind of economic super power is this? We never learn!

If a politician’s son had lost life in the hotel, would things have been different?

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  1. Lets vote for BJP!

  2. Agree with your points.
    A suggestion to all of us – why don’t we – (at least taxpayers) have right to choose where (in which area of society/Government) the taxes go? In other way, there must be some law to publish annual results (financial) of every government body along with tasks they did/still pending in media – as they do for publicity, today! Will not these encourage them – or force them to work?

    And yes, a hard fact – our body is so strange (perhaps to me, at least) that we do not come to know actual security warnings, inspite of RAW’s efforts! 🙁

    Privatisation will not solve each and every issue of Government!

  3. Swami
    | Reply

    We forget these kinds of incidents very easily and that is why our politicians also do.
    We are talking about “Strong Leadership” and here comes a statement like “these small things do happen in big cities like Mumbai” from Home Minister of the state of Maharashtra.
    It is our mistake to let go our anger like this. Let me tell you what I have seen today in the morning in local-train while coming to office. My friends, travels by same train, were planning for next party and making a mockery of whole incidence by saying that the party is for condolence. Then they laughed.
    HOW INSESITIVE??? And today was just the second day after Operation-Cyclone got over.
    We can’t blame politicians. We Indians are hypocrites and can come to streets only on the cheap issues raised by cheap politicians like Raj Thakrey.
    We are vulnerable and will remain so. Because we don’t care.

  4. @Swami, you’ve got good friends!

  5. @Harit, After Emergency, RAW is bird without wings. Indira used it wrong way and so other government followed same way. We need something that is bigger than government, like CIA or FBI.

  6. There is no point in voting for any party. All are bloody corrupt..just the level differs! 1890 bio $ deposit money in Swiss bank account of Indian nationals says it all! It is more than all other countries put together. Who says we are a poor country!

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