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Professional Recovery Agents

What is the image of a recovery agent? Crook, small time goons, unprofessional jerks! Times are changing and so are the recovery agents.

Adhikrut Jabti Evam Vasuli is a recovery agency promoted by Parag Shah.

Their website proclaims their beliefs:
– Change and be ready before time changes
– Performance and Integrity speaks louder than words

They are totally professional in approach and have transparent operations. They have even put their licenses, police protection letter, service tax numbers, audit report of last three financial reports online. Look at their services and fee structure. Also do not forget to see their performance and code.

They have many women on its board since it helps in recovery process. People do not swear back or fight aggressively with women.

They follow strict code of conduct with the intention to be have dues-collection policy is built on courtesy, fair-treatment and persuasion. They claim that they do not follow policies that are unduly coercive in collection of dues.

They have recovered Rs 2274.78 Lacs and seized 1036 Tractors till date.

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