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Life Is Precious..Simple Care Can Help!


Pratik has recently posted a wonderful discussion with a Fire Brigade Officer. It has wonderful insights and tips. I got lot of knowledge and you will also benefit from it. Read It Here – Chat With Fire Brigade Officer


Talking about safety at our homes he cited the example of most Mumbaikars whose houses are not designed from a fire safety perspective. Most of the houses have the hall, followed by the kitchen and bedrooms behind or adjacent to it. If there is fire in the kitchen, people in the bedroom are stucked. Above all 90% of the people do not have fire exits in their bedroom and whatever window they have are mounted with fixed grills.

He also talked about lack of planning in police encounters. He said that when police plans for a raid or encounter they do not take a ambulance along with them to foresee any unfortunate incident. He talked about the case of Mr. MC Sharma who sucummbed to the bullets fired at him at the recent terrorist encounter in Delhi.

More Tips:

a) One or two members from every house should undertake fire marshall training. It is a one day course but prepares you to tackle fire emergencies

b) If possible keep smoke detectors and Fire sprinklers at your home/office. They are like your neighbours who will help you first and foremost

c) Know your escape routes in the event of fire. In an office environment it is must to have fire drill periodically. why only office even buildings and complexes should have them

d) Cooking area-Never leave cooking unattended. Keep kids away from it

e) Conceal all your electrical wirings..they are the most dangerous

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