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Hero of Trust Vote : Somnath Chatterjee

In my recent post, I had written about the Omar Abdullah and quizzed about the real hero of Parliament Trust Vote. No, it was not Manmohan Singh. The real hero was Somnath Chatterjee, the Speaker of the house.

He emerged as a person who placed the Speaker’s post and his duties above the party politics. He listened to his voice of conscience and acted accordingly. He ensured that the dignity of the post is not affected. He upheld the responsibilities entrusted to him. He fought his own partymen for safeguarding Indian democracy. Quite surprising, that we have politicians like him as well! He defies the typical politician stereotype.

Of course, Somnath Chatterjee paid the price. He was expelled from his party. The party for which he had worked for 40 years and helped it grow. The party for which he maid sacrifices. He was the uncontested and unanimous choice of all parties for the speaker’s post. His is one of the most honest and unblemished careers in Indian polity.

Cheers to Somnath Chaterjee. We need more politicians like him.

Read Somnath Chatterjee’s letter in Indian Express where he spoke for himself.

  1. They don’t call politics a dirty game for just nothing.
    It’s disgusting.

    BTW, a small typo there. It should be “made”. – The party for which he maid sacrifices.

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