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Opinion Online is Live !

Opinion launches its digital avataar ! Opinion, the leading Gujarati Thought Journal, unveiled its digital avataar on April 18, 2009. The digital version will ignite the readers with its provoking articles and analysis. Visit the site at www.opinionmagazine.net


Opinion is a serious Gujarati monthly magazine published from London for the last 14 years. Opinion has earned a respectable place in Gujarati journalism for its views, commentaries, articles and literary contributions. The magazine covers all aspects of life, but is focused essentially on literary and cultural affairs of India, especially Gujarat, and those of the Gujarati Diaspora in the U.K. It is a must-read magazine to those who want to follow the developments in the related fields in Gujarat and U.K. Its issues contain some very useful and original material about Indian Diaspora in East Africa and the U.K. Following some basic principles reminiscent of Mahatma Gandhi — its title derives from ‘Indian Opinion’, the journal that Mahatma Gandhi edited in South Africa –, Opinion follows committed and independent line of thinking and action. As a matter of principle, it has never accepted any advertisements to earn its revenue :  its only revenue source is its readers’ subscriptions and contributions.

Opinion was born with a planned end date. However, recently, when the conclusion of Opinion Magazine as per the original vision was informed to readers, the Opinion office was inundated with requests to reconsider the decision. Opinion had touched people and shaped views beyond imagination. The original vision could not be compromised. At the same time, feedback and views of readers could not be disregarded. Finally, it was decided to arrive at a win-win idea – Digital Version of Opinion.

Opinion Online marches ahead with the strong flag of Opinion. It will continue to showcase the best of contemporary diasporic literature. It will also highlight the glimpses of diasporic culture, language and history. An interesting feature is the profile section where the stalwarts and hidden stars are brought closer to the reader. Opinion Online is also a treasure house of contemporary diasporic literature. Opinion is a subject of M Phil and other research level studies. Now, all the editions of printed Opinion can be accessed from the site. Opinion is a witness to the changing times and the publication is rich source of information for academicians, researchers and lovers of diaspora.

Opinion Online is a interactive website. Readers can write back, rate the articles and give feedback. The site has planned other enhancements including Live Chat with noted authors, polls, cartoons etc.

Check it out !