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Are You On Speed-Dial List?

Each individual has a different definition of success, purpose and achievement. It could be the glorious pay packet, coveted designation, corner cabin, signature villa on an island, cover photo on business magazine, invite for dinner with visiting US President, patents awarded, etc.

But what is more important?Being there for your friend when he needs you the most? Helping strangers with your kindness and time? Donating time to causes you believe in? Spreading ideas? Being a good citizen? Being reliable and dependable for bosses and subordinate? Being the 2AM person for cousins? Being on the speed-dial list of people?

I believe small deeds done are better than great ideas planned. Spreading smiles is an achievement in itself. Touching lives and making a difference to environment is a purpose accomplished.

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  1. Vishal
    | Reply

    Very well said, we always can not think about “I” & “Me”, a good person always thinks as “We” & “Us” and remain team player not only in Professional life but also in personal life.

  2. Arun
    | Reply

    Completely agree… you owe society some of your time… its a great feeling being on speed dial list of at least one person…

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