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Money Habits of Rich People

I was analyzing the habits of successful people, who also happen to be well-off financially. I gathered these habits from online browsing and book reading.

Rich people had the following characteristics:

No Credit Card Debt
No Smoking
No Drinking
No Big Weekends
Less Clutter
Less Materialistic
Less Needs
More Peace of Mind

I am sure many of us will be surprised. The real rich do not show off or flaunt their money. They are rich because they understand the value of money. The value of money is not determined by spending power. The power of money is the power to give and make a difference in lives of others.

If we are looking for money, we will never get it. If we are driven by it, money will elude us. This century is about ideas, not money.

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  1. Yeah right..when one loses money that time he/she understands the real value of money..

  2. Healthy living is also a key for success. It gives you the power to do a lot more when fit – physically and mentally.

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