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Everyone Loves A Controversy

Bollywood Actress Shilpa Shetty is a victim of racism on UK Reality Show Big Brother. Everyone is now aware of the insult of India, Indian Woman and charges of racial attack on Big Brother. We have seen images of poor Shilpa sobbing like there is no tomorrow. For the uninitiated, check Rediff Coverage. Also read Neha Vishwanathan’s Shilpa Shetty, Big Brother & Racism on Within / Without Blog.

However, let us consider these points as well:

1. Shilpa Shetty got Rs 3.5 Crore for the show. She chose to be part of the show. Let us all respect her decision. Let us allow her to fight it out. Anyway, she is unaware of the huge ruckus outside. And let us not forget she is a gutsy, cunning, smart and a courageous lady.

2. Shilpa’s career was going nowhere in Bollywood. The controversy has helped her get equal amount of newsprint and television time as Ash-Abhishek engagement. Surely this will help to revive her career.

3. The controversy has helped revive interest in Big Brother. It has got one of its highest TRPs in recent times. Big Brother producers are indeed smiling all the way to bank.

4. All TV Channels and Newspapers got one more chance to play out the controversy and gain TRPs. Suddenly Shilpa Controversy is bigger than all other events of national and international importance and gets front page and first headline status.

5. Politicians get a chance to play on sentiments again. P R Dasmunshi and Government step in. Is it really warranted? I & B Minister should be more worried other urgent priorities rather than Shilpa’s misadventures. Even British MP Keith Vaz forced British PM Tony Blair to make a statement in the parliament. Empty Victories!

The Bigger Questions:

1. Does Hype Rules Over Lives?

2. Is Dumbing Down of Media Complete?

3. Are News Channels The New Entertainment Channels?

4. Are We A Celebrity Crazy Country?

5. What About Our Own Racism Against Each Other?

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