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Live To Give!

Live To Give!

Ten years ago, it started as a humble thought but little did I know that ‘Live To Give’ will become a motto and a defining philosophy for me!

Over the years, it has taken different forms:
– Spending time and energy behind worthy people, organisations and causes
– Mentoring and helping students, friends, colleagues, relatives and budding entrepreneurs  
– Providing intellectual, network and financial capital
– Evangelising causes
– Cheer leader

It has been a mutually rewarding and soul-enriching act. It has been a great learning experience as well. It is a challenging act as demands on time and energies keep increasing in all domains of life – but it is worth it!

I was discussing this personal philosophy with some young friends and it prompted to check the original note of ‘Live To Give’….still holds true! (And inspired this post!)

The Original 2008 Founding Version of ‘Live To Give’

Live To Give!

If I can stop one heart from breaking, 

I shall not live in vain; 

If I can ease one life the aching, 

Or cool one pain, 

Or help one fainting robin 

Unto his nest again, 

I shall not live in vain.

: Emily Dickinson

‘Live To Give’ is a concept of giving back to society. Whatever way. Whatever time. Helping anyone. 
‘Live To Give’ is not an organisation, it is a mantra for life. We have to leave the world by giving more than we received from it. We have to leave every place by making it better than what we found it. 
‘Live To Give’ is an idea to get people to help each other. Organisations, individuals can help in any manner they deem fit. If you are good in accounts, please help an old age home to manage its accounts. If you are good in technology, help someone to learn computers. If you are good in marketing, please help the neighbourhood library to add more members. If you love children, visit orphanages and spread joy. If you are well-connected, connect the have-nots with haves. The haves will be thankful. However, ‘Live To Give’ is not helping just the have-nots or the non-elite. Not at all!

‘Live To Give’ is a way of life. Give wherever you can. Give your best at work place. Give your best at home. Give your best to the fellow passenger on train. Give your best to the stranger looking for directions. Give your best to the friend in your life.

What will matter the most to us? How much did we earn or what difference we made in the environment?

Image Courtesy: Photo by Lina Trochez and Thought Catalog on Unsplash