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Watch Your Eating Habits!

Watch what you eat – it might reveal more than you think it does!

There’s an old story that Edison always believed in taking the people he was thinking of hiring, out to lunch. When the soup arrived, he would sit back and watch. Those that tasted the soup before salting it, he wouldn’t immediately cross them off his list. Instead, he would ask them questions and keep an open mind about their possibilities. However, anyone who salted his soup before tasting it wasn’t worth his salt. Why wouldn’t he hire these people? Because Edison believed these individuals had blinders on when it came to looking at life – they had too many assumptions about what was possible and what wasn’t. After all, they assumed the soup needed salt before they tasted it. So perhaps Edison was right-that you can tell a lot about a man by when he salts his soup. It’s interesting to think about.

Moral of the story – Next time you’re invited to lunch by management or a prospective new boss, hold the salt until after you taste the soup!