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Role of Education

Recently I had given a presentation at Career Guidance Seminar for students who had appeared for SSC and HSC Examinations. My purpose was to acquaint the students with opportunities in the Information Technology and Finance domain, the various education courses on offer and the kind of companies they could look forward to work with. The session went down very well with the participants and we had a crowd of more than 200 people.

I also had a dicussion with my college professor Ms Manjiree Gondhalekar on the same. We discussed the role of education.

The role of education is to bring out the potential in a person. Thus education aims at self-actualization. A student should not select a career option because the particular industry offers high salaries, glamour or most of your friends have selected that option. One has to have a self-analysis SWOT before selecting a career option. One’s own interests, skills and abilities need to be evaluated. That need to be considered in the perspective of available opportunities and advice of experienced mentors.

One needs to hear the call of heart, rather than head in selecting a career. Finally that is what makes one happy. And drives you to achieve your purpose and actualized your potential.

We need to be the best. Even if we are a sweeper, we should be the best sweeper. Not everyone can be a CEO, nor everyone can be a President. Whatever roles we perform, we should be the best.

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