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Book: Hot, Flat, And Crowded


Thomas L Friedman, the celebrated author of ‘The World Is Flat’ is back with his new book : Hot, Flat and Crowded. The focus is on Environment. The focus is on how America can take leadership. I expect the books to cover energy issues, clean energy, rise of Chindia and demand of energy, change of American habits, global responsibility etc. 

Thomasd Friedman has been campaigning about this for some time now. 


Indeed, environment is the next in thing. It is the area that is often ignored in quest for development and comforts. America will need to provide leadership as it is the biggest consumer of energy. It will have to align and inspire developing nations. It is a tough task! However, this is an area where the entire mankind will have to think creatively. Expect more ‘back-to-village’ romantics, more ‘local food’ consumers!



  1. Saving every drop of water, petrol and every single piece of paper and every single watt of electricity can help..

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