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Good Books for Understanding Financial Crisis

The Bailout Nation – Barry Ritholtz
Survival+ – Charles Hugh Smith
This Time Is Different – Reinhart & Kenneth
Economics For Real People – Gene Callahan
China Shakes The World – James Kynge
The Great Crash 1929 – John Kenneth Galbraith
The Case For Gold – Ron Paul
Melt Down – Thomas E Woods JR
Anatomy of A Bear – Russel Napier
Financial Armageddon – Michale Panzner
13 Bankers – Simon Johnson, James Kwak
New Monitarism – David Roache & Bob McKee

I came cross these recommendations while visiting Sundaram MF’s site.

I recommend other books in Finance Area:
The Barbarians At The Gate
The Rogue Trader
The Scam – Sucheta Dalal – Good Books To Understand Indian Scam
Cold Steel – Great Book for Understanding M&A Dynamics
The Richest Man In Babylon – Simple Classical Gyan About Managing Personal Wealth
The Snow Ball : Warren Buffet & Business Of Life – Alice Schroeder – Another Great Book

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