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Book Review : Roots And Wings


Every parent wants to give nothing but the best to child. 

I became a father recently. I had my own questions. Will I be a good parent? How do I help my child to become a good human being? How do I help him to protect his individuality ? How do I prevent myself from imposing my values and principles on him? How do I safeguard him from evils of the society? 

I understand parenting is a big responsibility. But it is a joyous activity as well. I was doing it in my own way. But a few questions remained. 

One fine day, I happened to notice this amazing book in Crossword. It was titled Roots and Wings – A Handbook for Parents by Raksha Bharadia. Normally, I avoid books with phrases as – handbook, 8 laws of success, How to win deals etc. 

However, I happened to read the  preface and contents. I somehow liked the book and I bought it. The note on book said: 

Roots And Wings – A Handbook for Parents addresses parenting conflicts and dilemmas how to manage the thin line between freedom and structure, space and control, being a mentor and a friend, our expectations of the child versus his native endowments. This book is about giving our children roots, so that they can stand firm and wings, so that they may soar and achieve their potential.


As I started reading it, it was clear that I had made a good investment. This was going to be my ‘must-have’, ‘must gift’ and ‘keep revisiting’ books. 

I liked a lot of concepts and appreciate Raksha’s thinking. Her writing on fostering creativity, free time, importance of childhood buddies, role of nature and sports, dealing with child’s self-esteem – anger – failure were insightful. I liked the idea of giving the child a free time and not overloading his schedule like Dad’s planner. Allowing a child to explore his world is equally important. 

The tile is very apt. The books speaks about giving the roots to child to stand firm in life. And giving wings to allow the child to soar high in life and achieve the potential. 

Raksha has done an amazing job. She has helped me to find some answers. The book simply connected !

The book is not preachy. It has practical tips and ideas how to create a right environment and help child to develop positive self-esteem. It also has rich experiences and quotes from people from all walks of life including Javed Akhtar, Sachin Tendulkar, Kumar Managalam Birla. 

Roots and Wings – Highly recommended – For parents, new and learning ones !

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541 Responses

  1. kirti

    Thanks for gifting me this book .Its very thought provoking and beautifully written.

  2. Dear Kirti

    I am glad you like the book. Raksha is an awesome writer 🙂

    : Ash

  3. Pratik

    Its a nice book…but it could have been made more lucid. Nevertheless indeed a good read

  4. Looks good, waiting when Kavin will gift it to me 😛 Jokes Apart, I will get it as soon as possible!

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