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Book Review : Connect The Dots

Rashmi Bansal’s new book – ‘Connect The Dots‘ is a follow-up to her hugely successful book ‘Stay Hungry Stay Foolish’. The earlier book mentioned the inspiring stories of IIMA graduates. Connect The Dots is about successful entrepreneurs without the typical MBA degree.

The book has classified entrepreneurs in three categories:
1. Jugaad – Ones who have no formal business training and learnt by observation, experimentation and application of mind.
2. Junoon – Ones who are driven by passion and ideas which are ahead of its time.
3. Zubaan – Ones who are creative people with unique talent

The book has a biographical account of the entrepreneur and advice to other entrepreneurs – same style as Stay Hungry Stay Foolish. The selection of the entrepreneurs is interesting indeed which adds diversity to the book and the subject of entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs behind success stories like Reva, Dosa Plaza, Su-Kam, Crossword, Tantra T-Shrits, Veta, Fem Care are featured as well as Film Director Paresh Mokashi and Wildlife Photographer Kalyan Verma. Though there are no formulas to success, it is interesting to know the journey of the fellow entrepreneurs.

Rashmi Bansal’s style and language is amazing as always ! She has got another bestseller !

Read it !

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  1. Were you there at Crossword yesterday? I completely missed it and went to shopping. You must know Kalyan Verma – Foss.in calendar I got every years 🙂

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