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‘The Indrani Mukerjea Story: Buried Truth’ Review: Shocking & Sensational Series Of Mayhem Murder! 

‘The Indrani Mukerjea Story: Buried Truth’ Review: Shocking & Sensational Series Of Mayhem Murder! 

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The Sheena Bora case, yes – Shenna Bora case, was one of the most sensational topics in the media. It was India’s Amber Heard – Johnny Depp moment or our own Kardashian coverage! There were more and more twists and turns as the case progressed – exactly the details that media loves! And the spicier story was even hotter because of the rich and famous media power couple – Peter Mukerjea was the former head of Star TV and Indrani was the INX Media Channel founder. 

The movie ‘Dark Chocolate’ was based on the same case. 

How it changed from Sheena Bora case to Indrani Mukerjea story is the magic of the times we live in! 

‘The Indrani Mukerjea Story: Buried Truth’ is a real true crime docuseries. A 25 year young bright and beautiful girl Sheena Bora is suddenly off circuit. Her fiancee’s tries to find her whereabouts and is not successful. He confronts his dad Peter Mukerjea and his step-mother Indrani Mukerjea, who claim that she has gone abroad for studies. He does not buy it. The interesting part is that Sheena is Indrani’s daughter – even her claims about Sheena’s father are very shocking! 

Indrani has three marriages – none of which resulted in Sheena’s birth. Earlier, she had claimed that Sheena was her younger sister. After allegations of cover-up by Mumbai police, the case was handed over to CBI. As things stand today, all the four accused – Indrani, Peter, Sanjeev (2nd husband) and driver are on bail. 

As you watch the series the list of questions are endless – why did she claim Sheena was her sister? Why did she hide that  Sheena was missing? Why and how did she enroll her second husband in the alleged murder of Sheena and torture of her? Why did Peter kept silent? What was the role of Mumbai’s top cop Rakesh Maria?

Sheena’s body was found in Pen in Raigad district. It was just a conicidence that Indrani and her accomplices visited the same location for exploring farmhouse property. It was just a coincidence that DNA of the body proved that it was Sheena – defence disputed it. 

Who knows the truth?

Was there a cover-up?

Why the expose happened?

Who knows the real truth? 

Will Sheena Bora get justice?

Questions that remain unanswered! 

The documentary tries to be as objective as possible and gives a well-rounded view of every perspective. The testimonies are complemented well with actual footage and events. Access to Indrani is a big plus and they fact check her claims as well. Her intervention when her lawyers speaks (Alleged) and how lawyer asks her to ‘Chill’ are important unedited footage. Indrani’s bold statements will produce a factory of Instagram reels. She is Sheela of Wild Wild Country!

Indrani Mukerjea!

Imperfect Mom!

Gold Digger!

Secret Past!

Social Climber!

Who knows her?

Let us not forget that the documentary also has its point of view and soft corners – which could influence our understanding and hence opinion of the actual incident. And that is the intent – the documentary allows the audience to be the judge, jury and executioner. 

Let’s not forget the ethics and responsibilities in the whole episode. 

Let’s not forget Sheena in the sensationalism. 

Peace to Sheena Bora!

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