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Celebrating The 100 Years Of Indian Cinema

The Indian Film Industry enters its 100th year ! Time to celebrate and rejoice !

Cinema was discovered in Europe and developed in the United States into a commercial product. It arrived in India immediately after it was invented at the turn of the 19th century.

The beginning of India’s film industry can be traced to an advertisement which appeared in the Times of India on July 7, 1896, inviting people to witness “the wonder of the world,” Lumiere Brothers’ moving pictures. Lumiere Brothers showcased the six soundless short films at Bombay’s Watson Hotel on July 7, 1896. The very first Indian film was Wrestlers in 1899.

The year 1913 marked the production and release of India’s first full-length indigenous silent feature film, Raja Harishchandra. It was made by Dhundirak Govind Phalke or Dadasaheb Phalke, who is also known as the ‘father of Indian cinema’. The film was released on May 3, 1913 at the Coronation Cinema, Bombay and had titles in Hindi and English. He was inspired by seeing a screening of Life of Christ in 1910. This movie not only became a runaway success, it also became the template of future. The film was first premiered on April 21, 1913. Thus today, Indian Cinema enters the 100th year !

The Indian Film Industry is one of the most unique industries in India. Consider the following facts:
1. It provides direct and indirect employment to nearly six million people.
2. It is the most democratic and secular industry in India. The most educated and the least literate work together as a team.
3. It provides entertainment to millions of people in today’s stressful times.
4. It has the power to influence the society and its beliefs. Rang De Basanti led to retrial in Jessica Lal Murder case. Madhur’s Blue Saree in HAHK led revival of the industry in UP. Ek Duje Ke Liye unfortunately led to many suicides in love.
5. It is India’s most famous export and the creator of Soft Power. Across nations and cultures, Bollywood is recalled and relished.
6. It is the only film Industry in the world, where Hollywood has not been able to make inroads.
7. It is the industry where talent, creativity and hard work can take you the top of the ladder.

Let us celebrate the magic of Indian Cinema !

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