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NDTV Imagine’s Ramayan Ad


NDTV Imagine has taken an different route to promote Ramayan. It has focussed on moral values of Ramayan and decided to promote it. It is targeting parents and their children. Children are a old favorite of advertisers. They know that parents will not compromise on product or service which benefits their children. 

In case of TV, children already have their Cartoon Network, Hungama and POGO etc. For education, they have the option in form of Discovery, National Geographic, Animal Planet etc. For adults, there is already a clutter of mythological serials on the television. So why will they choose Ramayan over other mythologicals?


In fact, often advertisers use children for non-children product categories as well. Children use their pester power against parents for these products and reward our marketers. In many families, children are influencers as well as decision makers. 


How successful NDTV Imagine’s Ad will be? Its intentions are right. It is using the USP of Ramayan and positioning it as an alternative moral education. Will children oblige?


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  1. kailash saklani
    | Reply

    Ya children of today are going on wrong side. Someone was needed that give us a right plateform.Ramayana of NDTV imagine was much successful to do this job. I am 19 year old & I was going to a wrong way but I learn a lot from Ramayana.Thanks 4 it.I think every adult should watch this and watch the depth of this mysterios world.

  2. aishwariya
    | Reply

    i love ramayan too much.mostly the character of ram, new ram is so beautiful

  3. Deepali
    | Reply

    NDTV Ramayan was a grest success.
    I understood Ramayan from a different perspective.
    Every actors played their character very religiously especially Ram, Sita, Laxman, Hanuman.
    Thanks for featring such a brialliant masterpiece to Indians.
    It was indeed a good learning & entertaining.

    Jai shree Ram.
    Hope you will come up with many such mythological series in future too.

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