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Aditya Is Bal Gopal !


Aditya Is Bal Gopal


Aditya is a lucky boy. He got a good opportunity to act as Lord Krishna at a holy congregation. 

A week long Bhagvad Saptaah is being held at Mani Nagar’s Radha Krishna Temple. During the Saptaah, various event of Lord Krishna’s life are celebrated. On Sunday, the birth of Lord Krishna was to be celebrated  and Aditya was given the opportunity to play the baby Krishna. Aditya was required to act as the new born Lord Krishna. He had to sleep in the basket and Vasudev would carry him. 

We reached the place at 7 pm and Aditya was made to dress like baby Krishna. Unfortunately, the event was running late and after some time Aditya was uncomfortable in those costumes and heat. We tried to keep him in good spirits. I was tense and nervous – my son’s first public performance ! I recalled my first stage appearance in school. 

However, Aditya was very comfortable when his turn came. In fact, after some time, he actually slept as Vasudev carried him. He woke up as people started to worship him and touch at his feet. After all, he was Lord Krishna and all people worshipped him !

We bow down to the Lord Krishna with all humility. We are grateful to Him that Aditya could act as Bal Gopal. At the same time, we are grateful to the organizers for this opportunity to Aditya. 

Jai Ho !

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  1. Jai Kanaiyalal Ki!

  2. love to Aditya and I am sure the parents must be feeling proud.
    Jai Shri Krisna.

  3. Ratikaka
    | Reply

    It is a joy to see Aditya staring as Lord Krishna as a baby. Komal and you are lucy to be blessed by your son in infancy. Adi looks cute and a lovable baby.

    My compliments to all three of you.


  4. Adi is looking very cute. He looks like Bal Krishna in true sense.

    The photos have come out really well

  5. Thanks To All !

    As in Slumdog, it is written!

  6. Daya and Mansukh
    | Reply

    Dear Ashokbhai and Komalbahen,

    What a wonderful and adorable child; Aditya is a true reflection of Lord Krishna and I am sure when he grows up he will make you proud to be his parents. Such innocense is reflected in his face that one feels in the presence of divinity. Daya and I were so happy to meet all three of you at Vaishala. Our love to all of you. Words can’t express the feeling one gets in meeting and playing with such a divine child God bless you all. Daya and Mansukh

  7. Sumi
    | Reply

    Cute… baby……

  8. Shweta
    | Reply

    God Bless you Aditya !

    – Shweta Shah

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