Top 50 Cities

Mercer HR Consulting, a global leader in HR domain, conducts a ranking of Top Cities of the World based on Quality of Living Index every year.

According to Quality of Living Index 2007, Top 5 Cities of World are:
1. Zurich
2. Geneva
3. Vienna
4. Vancouver
5. Auckland

The interesting thing to note is that Top 5 Cities in 2007 are same as in 2006. All the cities are in developed world. No Indian city is here! :(

But I was happy to see this disclaimer:

The Quality of Living index is based on several criteria used to judge whether an expatriate is entitled to a hardship allowance. A city with a high Quality of Living index is a safe and stable one, but it may be lacking the dynamic je ne sais quoi that makes people want to live in world-renowned cities such as Paris, Tokyo, London or New York. Sometimes you need a little spice to make a city exciting. But that “spice” may also give a city a lower ranking.

Aha! Bombay has maximum spice. Bombay has high-rises and slums. Bombay can learn from Genevas and Viennas and still retain its spice. Bombay is currently down, but definitely not out. It will rise like a Phoenix. Politicians may talk of it becoming a Shanghai or the next international financial centre, but Bombay will create its own unique space. Amen!

You can download the entire list here. Check the official press release too.

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