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Word ‘Sub-Prime’ Enters Oxford Dictionary

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Every year Oxford Dictionary adds new words to its corpus. Considering the global situation, it is no surprise that the new words this season include ‘Sub-Prime Mortgage’ and ‘Credit Crunch’.  

The other new words include: 

Gorilla – the dominant contender within a particular sphere or activity 

Locavore – those who eat only locally grown or produced food 

Freegans –  those who seek to retrieve and use discarded food and other goods 

Vanity Sizing – assigning smaller sizes to clothing than is really the case to encourage sales 

Slebs – CelebritiesFascinators – an item of ladies millinery 

Muffin Top – a roll of fat visible above the top of a pair of women’s tight-fitting low-waisted trousers 

Bragging Rights 

Custard Creams  

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  1. ken-G
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    haven’t had the chance to view the latest dictionary but wondering whether “prepone” has been added to the dictionary yet ?? though personally i hate to use the word preopne

  2. alenuesuendy
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    It’s amazing

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