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Core Values – Defining Your Guiding Light!

Core Values – Defining Your Guiding Light!

Creating a life of purpose requires us to be in sync with our true self. And I believe knowing our core values is an important aspect of life design.

Core Values are usually associated with organisations. But all of us also have our core values and principles. Our behaviour, decisions and actions are driven by them.

Core values are our guiding lights! Core values are our true north! Core values define us! They help us to understand what is important to us and what we really cherish! Core Values enable decision-making. When we are confused, our values can direct us to the right road. It can help us make the choices that are consistent with our belief systems. And that creates happiness and bliss. If our actions are not aligned with our core values, we feel frustration and stress.

What are your core values? How do you define your core values? Core values are not created – they are discovered. Over a period of time, our values emerge and become our compass. So, reflect on yourself, the journey and list out all things that come to your mind – when you define yourself and what you stand for. Be honest with self and only list the real values – no need for cool or nice words.

My core values are:

Authenticity – Being honest, straight-forward and sincere

Simplicity – Less is more

Loyalty – Dependability, sticking to commitments

Creativity – Being different, versatile and trying new things

Generosity – Share the success. ‘Live2Give’ is the mantra!

My professional values are:

Purpose – Always be goal-driven

Passion – What is life without passion or enthusiasm?

Promise – Deliver the commitments, keep the faith

Performance – Results drive professional life

Play – Add life to work with fun and joy for self and everyone around!

Once the core values are determined, live the values! The details are in action! Let the behaviour be aligned with your values. It will help you take the right short term and long-term decisions. It will help you to live life to your own chosen standards. And that is a bliss!

Image Credit: Joshua Hibbert

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  1. Mona
    | Reply

    It is always a treat to read your articles.
    I must say we have quite a similar list except Simplicity, to be honest.
    I would add compassion and empathy in my list.
    It is the compassion that makes be a better health care provider and empathy that actually drives most my actions.
    One thing I would add is Random in your list – which makes you very interesting:)
    Keep being random!

    • admin
      | Reply

      Thanks for the kind comments.

      I am enthused by your comments. I know your values and the ones you mention stand out for you.

      I completely agree with adding a few more values. We usually follow lot of values – more than a few. The idea was to real identify the core ones that define you. For example, I had a list of 8-10 values that defined me in personal areas of life, but I really challenged myself again and again to see what really were important to me and distinctive.

      Yes – Random is a great value – Allowing serendipity of life…being versatile…I think I would associate in the group value of being creative…

      Thank you!

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