Get Ready For The ‘Happy New Year’ Marketing Juggernaut !

Get Ready For The Happy New Year Marketing Juggernaut !

The Marketing for SRK’s ‘Happy New Year’ has already started. If ‘Om Shanti Om’ and ‘RaOne’ and ‘Chennai Express’ experience is considered, expect a mega publicity drive.

It started with the full page advertisements at the start of the year. The latest one is the ‘Happy New Year’ auditions for acting with SRK on Groupon. It is designed to create lot of ‘user engagement’. By being part of the movie, the user will be more connected to the movie. The people who applied for the auditions will have an emotional stake in the movie. People are being gifted certificates etc.

Expect more innovations and more visibility campaigns from SRK. Expect to read more and hear more about SRK and its cast. There will be overt and covert approaches.

Smart move !



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