Who Drained My MacBook Pro Battery? KiesViaWifiAgent !

My MacBook Pro was acting very strangely. It was running very hot and fans were running constantly. The full charge on the battery was draining very quickly. In less than an hour !

I thought it was my Outlook and Mail software – but it was not the culprit. Nor was my iPhoto. There was no fixed pattern when the fans would start blowing like a car engine – though after a reboot, things used to work fine !

I opened the Activity Monitor. I caught the culprit today. It was a process called Kies Via Wifi Agent. I had installed Kies for sync with Samsung phone when I was trying an App on Samsung. It was using 90% of CPU and causing battery to drain. I deleted the App – no time to think ! Life is better now – hopefully !

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DevalJanuary 23rd, 2013 at 12:14 pm