The Top 10 Consumer Mobile Applications for 2012 by Gartner

Gartner  has identified the top 10 consumer mobile applications for 2012. Gartner listed applications based on their impact on consumers and industry players, considering revenue, loyalty, business model, consumer value and estimated market penetration.

Though many of these Apps are in the market, they will all evolve and get refined and become better.

The Top Apps are:

1. Mobile Money Transfer
2. Location-Based Services
3. Mobile Search
4. Mobile Browsing
5. Mobile Health Monitoring
6. Mobile Payment
7. Near Field Communication Services
8. Mobile Advertising
9. Mobile Instant Messaging
10. Mobile Music

M-Pesa is one of the most popular and innovative money transfer concept. Citibank has already conducted trials of NFC in Bangalore in India. Interesting times ahead !

Ashwin  – Thanks for the Gartner Article!

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