Magnet's New Product – Picture Puzzle for Mac

Magnet Technologies is proud to present our new product – Picture Puzzle for Mac.

Picture Puzzle is a Mac OSX memory test game. You see a collection of pictures one after another. The objective of the game is to arrange them in right order after initial display. This tests how well you can remember the order of images. It stimulates your brain and helps you remember things better.

It’s a free application and will work on all Apple Mac OSX computers. Won’t work on Windows / Linux.

Nirav Mehta and the talented Magnet iPhone team including Pandit, Sameera have worked on it. They have worked really hard to make it playful! Special thanks to design team for coming up with superb graphic design!

Go ahead, enjoy!

Download It

One Response to “Magnet's New Product – Picture Puzzle for Mac”

Max TDJanuary 29th, 2010 at 3:19 pm

Cool staff I have this game on my Iphone!